Thursday, 6 February 2014

Sprint The Bay 2014 - O-Lynx Live TV with Results

O-Lynx and STB are stepping it up once again this year. Our live-stream from each stage will consist of 2-3 TV cameras from out in the terrain with an overlay of competitors times as they punch coupled with event commentary. This will provide extra spectator value with our big-screen's at the event and for online followers who didn't manage to make it to STB this year, via live-stream.
So if you want a bit of free orienteering entertainment - tune in!

Event times in Eastern Standard Time (note: NZ is 18 hours ahead of EST):
6th February (7th in NZ)
Stage 1 - EIT: 4.30pm (EST)
Stage 2 - Tamatea: 11.30pm
7th February (8th in NZ)
Stage 3 - Sacred Girls: 3.30pm
Stage 4 - Hereworth: 11.00pm
8th February (9th in NZ)
Stage 5 - Hikanui: 3.00pm
Stage 6 - Kopanga Ride: 8.00pm

Separate live results at

See our website for more info:

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